equipment list

Our Equipment
Peerless is very fortunate to have at our disposal every piece of gear essential to the most comprehensive mastering available. We have the highest-end mastering gear from the top gear designers: George Massenburg, Daniel Weiss, Cranesong, Z-Systems, Manley, Pacific Microsonics, Cedar Audio, Dangerous, ESE and many others. However, the most important element is how we utilize our top-of-the-line equipment.
We understand that the best equipment means nothing without the best engineers. We combine the optimal environments and equipment with the services of skilled and experienced engineers who know how to get the most out of our equipment and your recordings. We are constantly evaluating new gear to ensure that we have every piece of state-of-the-art equipment that could possibly contribute to the optimal mastering process.

Monitoring System-A Room
SLS Speakers          SA Amps with Custom Crossovers
Monitoring System-B Room
SA Speakers            SA Amps
Analog Tape Decks

ATR-102 customized and rebuilt by Alactronics in 2007.
( ¼" and ½" two track tape heads)
MCI-JH110 customized and rebuilt by Alactronics in 2001
(½ track, ½", and ¼" two track tape heads)

Analog Consoles

A-Room: 5.1/Stereo console custom designed and built by Alactronics used in combination with the Dangerous ST
B-Room: Stereo console custom designed and built JPI electronics

Vinyl Transfers:

VPI HRX Turntable
Benz Micro Cartridge
Manley Steelhead preamp
Digital Audio Workstations

Sadie H16, PCM-8, and PCM-2
Pro Tools
Digital Formats Accepted

Tascam DA-98HR
Tascam DA-78, DA-88, DA-38
Any Audio CDR
Analog Formats Accepted

¼", and ½" Two track.
Dolby A, SR, DBX Type I and II and no noise reduction