The Studio
At Peerless, we set out to create a world-class facility, meticulously designed to allow our engineers and clients to completely trust what they hear, instead of compensating for the sound of the rooms. This was no small undertaking, but it was indispensable to achieving the best possible sound quality for our clients. We were fortunate to work with some of the most knowledgeable acousticians in the business and with contractors who followed the plans down to a tenth of an inch.
Peerless Mastering features two studios, both of which are state-of-the-art listening facilities, designed for optimal auditory accuracy. In mastering, the environment is just as important as the equipment, and the Peerless studios reflect that. Our skilled sound engineers can make the most precise adjustments possible because the environment is ideally suited for mastering.

Studio A
The Peerless A-Room was designed for unparalleled sonic accuracy so both the mastering engineer and the clients can hear the material flawlessly.
The A-room was designed by one of the world's foremost acousticians, Bob Alach of Alactronics. It is exceptionally sonically accurate with a frequency response of below 10Hz to above 35000Hz. Prior to construction, the room was acoustically computer-simulated in order to ensure that every feature of the room, including furniture, accessories and the minutest of details, would be ideally suited for acoustic purposes.
This process involved making the computer model of the room and tweaking the design until Alach was able to create an optimal listening environment. His model included all construction materials, furniture, and even the listener, to perfectly simulate how the room would sound. The design concept of the room included concealing much of the acoustical equipment behind sonically transparent cloth walls, so this remarkable room is actually almost twice the size it appears.

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Studio B
For the Peerless B-Room, acclaimed acoustician Michael Blackmer conceived one of his extraordinarily inventive designs and worked closely with the contractors to implement it. It has an extremely accurate frequency response of 27Hz to above 30,000 Hz. The monitoring system features SA Speakers and SA amplifiers. Our monitoring electronics were custom-designed by Bob Alach at Alactronics who also designed our console furniture to perfectly complement the room and its acoustical treatment.
The result is a truly outstanding listening room, in which a remarkable amount of detail can be heard.

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