equipment list / Crane Song STC-8M

Lavry AD122-96 MX
Stereo/Dual Mono Analog to Digital Converter

The LavryGold AD122-96 MX allows clarity even when recording at full scale. The audibly superior results obtained with the MX can be a real competitive edge when recording hot.

This beautiful piece of technology boasts extremely close inter-channel matching that extends to the lowest signal levels preserves the spatial placement and depth of the stereo image. Ultra-stable internal and external clocking circuitry virtually eliminates the non-musical distortion effects caused by jitter in conversion. With unique self-calibration circuitry, conversion accuracy is maintained over a wide range of operating temperatures, and the effects of circuitry aging are minimized.

Building on the magnificent track-record of the LavryGold AD122-96 MkIII, the AD122-96 MX retains the transparency of the MkIII with the additional benefit of even more graceful handling of clipping. The MkIII has a reputation for handling clipping with less harshness than other brands of converters, and now, the MX takes this quality to a new level.