equipment list / weiss EQ-1MK2 LP DYN

Weiss EQ1-MK2 LP DYN
Dual Mono, M/S Linear Phase, Non-Linear Phase, and Dynamic Equalizer. Sampling frequencies supported are 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz.

The EQ1-MK2 is now further extended with a linear phase response. This means that the delay induced by processing is now constant across the whole spectrum, unconstrained by EQ settings. This is not the case with standard equalizers, where signal delay varies with frequency, with the length of the delay depending on the amplitude response. The sound, or character, of an equalizer has been said to be influenced by phase response (for example, John Watkinson: much of the audible difference between EQs comes down to the phase response, Studio Sound 9.97).
The EQ1-LP is therefore the ideal tool for corrective amplitude adjustment, without the unwanted phase distortion added by standard equalizers. The linear phase feature can be turned off, resulting in the exact same sound as the EQ1-MK2. So for creative sound designing, there is the benefit of two different equalizers in one machine.
The EQ1-DYN features four freely adjustable dynamic bands and three linear bands per channel. Setting up the dynamic bands is as easy as setting a linear band. There is just one additional parameter to be adjusted by the user, the threshold control. This makes multi-band dynamic control as easy and as versatile as adjusting a parametric equalizer.