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Cedar De-Noise
The Ultimate De-Noise restoration Processor

Designed by Cedar Audio, the world's leading audio restoration specialists, the De-Noise processor is the ultimate stereo real-time broadband noise reduction system. The software provides up to 20dB noise reduction without side effects, and is a equally adept at removing hiss, air-conditioning noise, timecode bleed, outdoor ambience, or any constant background noise. The noise curve can be modified on screen, and these curves can be saved to disk to be recalled at other times. Up to 20dB of broadband noise reduction.
  • Real-time operation
  • Easy two-fader operation
  • NRC gain - increases or decreases the sensitivity of the CEDAR algorithm to the noise
  • Attenuation - determines the amount of noise reduction applied to the signal user manipulation of NRC - Modify both channels of the NRC or each channel individually
  • Freehand drawing of the NRC available
  • Recall of previously saved NRCs