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Cedar De-Click
The Ultimate De-Click restoration processor

CEDAR's advanced algorithms differentiate clearly between the degradation and the genuine signal, allowing transparent restoration of even the most severely damaged material. Undamaged signal passes without any changes: there's no distortion, no loss of transients, and no loss of ambience. Furthermore, CEDAR's interpolator is based on the technique of signal modeling. By analyzing the signal over a region of several milliseconds it can build a model of the underlying resonant signal (such as music or speech) and then use the information to replace each click with an interpolation that fits this resonant model.
The "manual" de-click allows users to remove large thumps and other events that are not detected or fully restored by any automated process. With a completely new algorithm capable of eliminating huge thumps of up to 2,000 samples in length, De-Click is particularly suitable for restoring optical soundtracks and audio files that have proved impossible to correct using other products and methods.

And, as with all CEDAR processes, it is extremely quick and simple to use. Its SADiE-designed controls are intuitive and clear, and the processes themselves require no time-wasting analysis or pre-processing passes.