client experience
Working With Artists
At Peerless, we work closely with our clients to achieve the end result they are looking for in their projects. We understand that up until this point you or your band has spent a lot of time on song writing, arranging, recording, and mixing, and we want to help you bring it all together so your album flows and has the sonic presentation that you envision.
The Peerless approach involves finding out all about exactly what kind of sound you are going for. We want to know what you like. What other albums sound good to you? What you are hoping for? What you are looking to avoid? All of this information goes into precisely tailoring the process to achieve exactly the end product you are looking for. We believe that if you are not satisfied, our work is not finished. At Peerless, it's all about providing you with exceptional service and going all out to achieve your artistic goals.
Recording Engineer Experience
Recording studios and mastering studios both want the same thing. We want our artists' finished albums to sound great and reflect favorably on our abilities and efforts. At Peerless, we work together with the recording engineers to achieve this goal. It is our pledge to do everything we can to help you, not just at the final stage, but during the recording and mixing process if you wish. We are here to offer opinions, advice, and objectivity to your process. We are very happy to listen to your mixes and provide you with feedback. And, after a project is mastered, we welcome your feedback and comments. We extend our free revision policy to changes requested by the engineer (if the client approves) and we will keep working on it until you are happy. We want to earn your trust, so that when you refer your artists to Peerless, you know that your work will be enhanced and refined to your specifications, which in turn will increase your clients' satisfaction with your work as well as ours.
Label Experience
We understand the needs of record labels. They need the highest quality mastering, on budget, on time, and to the satisfaction of the artists, A&R representatives, and any other stakeholders in the project. The Peerless goal is to fit seamlessly into your artistic team and provide you with exceptional service that will rival the largest and most renowned mastering studios. We strive to be responsive to all of your needs and develop an excellent working relationship with your company.