equipment list / Weiss Saracon

Sampling frequencies supported are 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96kHz 176.4k, 192k, 352.8k, 384k, DSD.

A versatile multichannel file format and sampling rate conversion tool of utmost quality. All standard sampling rates between 44.1kHz and 384kHz are supported, along with DSD. POW-R dithering is also included, of course.

Features include:
Wordlengths (input/output): 16/20/24/32 bit fixed point, 32/64 IEEE float, DSD
File Formats (input/output): wav, au, aiff, dsdiff
Wordlength Reduction Methods: Flat TPDF dither, POW-r 1, POW-r 2, POW-r 3
THD+N PCM to PCM: better than -180dB for 32 Bit fixed point I/O, unweighted
THD+N PCM to DSD: better than -147dB for 32 Bit fixed point Input, unweighted
Number of channels: PCM to PCM: unlimited, PCM to DSD: up to six (SARACON-Light: 2 channels)
Weiss quality conversion algorithms
Built in sine-generator for testing purposes
Specific for DSD: Extensive DSD Conversion analysis Log files Selectable interpolation / decimation filter sets for DSD conversion. Flexible input to output channel routing. Different modulators selectable, each with its own options like gain, dithering, etc. Upsampler characteristics selectable (different interpolators). Log window shows time tagged events (e.g. overs). Non-volatile level / peak meter / history with full featured viewer.