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Cedar Retouch
The Ultimate Artifact Removal processor

Until now, audio restoration systems have been limited as to the types of noises that they can remove: clicks and scratches, crackle and buzz, pops and thumps. But today, CEDAR Retouch for SADiE offers a huge leap forward in processing technology, allowing one to identify and eliminate sounds as varied as coughs, record scuffs, squeaky chairs, page turns, the creak of a piano pedal, and even a car horn.
There are no conventional methods available for removing these types of noise. Nonetheless, some engineers have attempted to use techniques such as severe equalisation which, in addition to being inappropriate to such short-duration problems, introduces ringing. Retouch does not suffer from this type of side-effect.
Others have used (and misused) harsh compression, tight editing, and signal interpolators that affect the whole frequency spectrum. These damage good signal that should be left untouched, and can introduce unwanted side-effects such as drop-outs.

In contrast, CEDAR's 64-bit, 96kHz Retouch for SADiE process offers tools that localise unwanted sounds accurately in both time and frequency. Once identified, those sounds - which can be tonal or resemble broadband noise - are replaced with audio derived from the surrounding, good signal. All other audio remains untouched.

When all else fails, Retouch gives you complete control.