equipment list / Weiss DNA1

Weiss DNA1
Denoiser, Click Removal, K-Stereo, M/S Control
Sampling frequencies supported are 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96kHz.

The DNA1 unit represents a milestone in the Gambit Series equipment developments at Weiss Engineering. Three state-of-the-art algorithms are packed into the DNA1. The denoiser was developed by Weiss in cooperation with the Pure Notes Company (UK), the decrackler and declicker algorithms have been designed in Weiss's own R&D lab, and the K-Stereo Ambience Processor was from Mr. Bob Katz (USA). The best feature is that all functions can be used concurrently.
Features are: (all working in real time)

- Denoiser to reduce all types of wideband and non-stationary noises like tape hiss or air conditioner hum using a novel adaptive approach to noise reduction (no spectral noise footprint required).
- Decrackler / Declicker with three independent subsystems to detect and remove a broad range of impulsive noises, such as scratches and clicks from vinyl recordings.
- K-Stereo Processor to recover lost or amplify hidden ambience, space, and imaging; or to generate stereo from mono signals without adding artificial reverberation.
- Output Control to regulate stereo balance and stereo width, as well as the overall signal level.
- POW-R, the acclaimed technique for transparent and smooth word-length reduction to 24bit, 20bit or 16bit.