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Cedar De-Thump
The Ultimate De-Thump restoration processor

DeThump is a Cedar plug-in for removing thumps in audio. The most remarkable and unique feature of DeThump is that it can remove thumps of up to a whole second in length. It is the perfect companion for Cedar DeClick, as together they provide a complete restoration package for clicks and their associated resonance.

What are thumps?

Thumps are non-musical low frequency sounds. They are often caused by large clicks or discontinuities that induce low frequency resonance in the record or playback mechanism.
The SADiE DeThump process doesn't just remove the thump, it replaces it with an estimate of the signal's low frequency content derived from the surrounding audio. This ensures that there is no audible low-frequency drop-out such as would be caused by punching in a high pass filter.

The thump removal should take between 15 seconds and 2 minutes depending on the specification of the SADiE's host PC performance and the length of the thump.

Similar in operation to DeClick, DeThump makes use of the region editing feature to highlight the audio to be processed. A single button then performs the DeThump process. The progress window has an Abort button to terminate the processing should you wish to do so.